Thomas Dunavant - A Tribute
Thomas Dunavant
Those of us known as the Hubbertville Family have lost a part of our very heart and soul. Men like Thomas Dunavant don't come along every day. Thomas was as much a part of Hubbertville as our beloved old school building and the dark wood floors which he oiled and cleaned for so many years. Please don't think of him as just a man who worked at our school and kept the gate at our ball games. He was so very much more than that. Thomas was a visible and steadfast example of everything good and decent about our world.

I can't think of him without constantly being reminded of two words. These are two of the better words found in our language--loyalty and dependability. Nobody was more loyal or dependable than Thomas Dunavant. Loyal to our school, our community and all the people within them. He was dependable to a level most people can only dream of. Long years after he retired, years after he had kids participating, he continued to be a fixture at our athletic events, sitting at the ticket table with Shirley beside him. Why, you might ask? That's easy. Because he loved this school and this community. Time after time, we've all seen him come to the games when it was obvious he didn't really feel up to the task. But he was there and why? Loyalty. Dependability.

It's going to be tough walking into the gym lobby or the softball field without seeing him there, with that warm, easy smile on his face. Please try not to shed any tears as you pass by; that's the last thing Thomas would want. He was all about the joy of life, not sadness or gloom. You see, he never bought into the "big lie" espoused by the negative crowd that "you can't change the world." Thomas knew better. He changed his small part of this big old world every single day. A kind word, a pat on the back, a helping hand--these were his tools. Thomas was a positive influence in a world gone mad.

It's time to say goodbye, old friend. May God cradle you gently in his arms forever. You deserve it. I can't think about you without a smile coming across my face. When you think about it, that's a wonderful legacy. Thank you, Thomas, for everything.

-----Composed by Moose McCaleb and felt by all of us in the Hub Family

Thomas was one of those rare individuals who was loved by everyone, but he was especially loved by the kids at Hub. Memories of Thomas are so intertwined with memories of Hub that the two are inseparable. Many have related their fond memories of Thomas and we felt it would be a fitting tribute to this man to share them here. Please email us with your special memories.

"I remember being a very scared little girl starting first grade. Thomas was the first person I met when my Daddy took me to school before it started, to 'show me around.' I just remember him having the biggest smile on his face and patting me on my shoulder and telling me I would be fine. And that huge smile and those pats on the shoulder continued all through out my 12 years of school, and many years to follow. I truly believe that the Lord 'broke the mold' when he made Thomas."
Kim Marcum Wakefield - Hub '88

"When I was in elementary school I would always go up to 'Thomas' Room' to buy pencils and erasers. He was always there sitting on his stool with that big, friendly smile on his face. Softball games won't be the same without Thomas taking up everyone's money. Thanks for everything, you may be gone but not forgotten."
Amy Hickman Moye

"Thomas was everywhere so he caught us at a lot of things which seem harmless now but at the time, we thought we were really up to something. And he would scold us a little and make us quit, but you know, he never told on us. I would have trusted him with my life just because he didn't tattle."

"I still picture him walking the halls with those keys jingling and a grin on his face. He cared about us and everybody loved him. It's as simple as that."

"There were days when I didn't have money to eat lunch. He wasn't a rich man but Thomas made sure I didn't go hungry, and I'm sure I wasn't the only kid he did this for. He was just the most caring person I ever met and I'll never forget him."

"Yeah, he took care of the buildings, but he took care of everything else, too--from skinned knees to teenage heartbreak. If you needed Thomas to help you or just listen to you, he was there. We could never thank the man enough for everything he did for us."

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